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Dear Cooper Family: our warm greetings to you and the people of Kosova who have come to Greece for Olympic Truce Week to witness for peace, and the gracious Greek people who have received you. I salute your efforts to promote peace and reconciliation on the behalf of humanity.
God bless you

— Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu


Dear Dr. Alan and Sally Cooper: The private secretary of H.M. King Constantine has kindly authorized us to arrange a meeting for you with H. R. H. Princess Irene of Greece. She is very much looking forward to the joy and privilege of meeting people such as yourselves, dedicated to the quest for peace, who inspire our entire admiration.
You are an example for all humanity.

With Kindest Regards, World in Harmony, Madrid


I have known Dr. Cooper’s family for years, and am so inspired by the work they did in Kosova after the ethnic cleansing. As a Buddhist nun and teacher, I often use the story of this family as an example of altruistic service. Alan has a deep wisdom about compassionate action, and I look forward to this book with eager anticipation.

—Venerable Tenzin Chogki


To Dr. Cooper and Family: Thanks for all you have done.

Secretary of State Madeline Albright